I am a man who spent almost two years with an abusive girlfriend, AMA.

Man dude this just happened to me too. Im still not over it i cant get the thoughts of her out of my head it sucks.

Ive hit the gym really hard since and started talking to other women but i still cant stip thinking about her.

It doesnt help that she calls me for rides all the time and tells me she loves me but she has another dude and when she doesnt call me to come get her from work i know shes getting picked up by him. Shes stunningly beautiful too, 10/10 no joke and that makes it so fucking hard for me.... I love her so damn much and i wish i didnt.

Ive decided to cut off all contact with her. Shes seeing her other dude and originally had left him for me, so ill let her have as much of him as she wants and she can stop getting the emotional support from me. He is an asshole to her too and she still fucks him, ive only been nice and supportive towards her and i guess i lost because of that. She would call me a little bitch too. She has weed and alcohol problems and i tried to get her off those things and i failed. I miss her being happy with me and being intimate with her but theres nothing i can do anymore to get her to feel that way, it sucks so bad.

  • for dudes going through this: start hitting the gym daily, it helps to a certain degree.
  • possibly join a dating website to expose urself to other women.
  • eat healthy, join a yoga class or something, go tanning.
  • cut off all contact with the female. Period. I made the mistake of still talking to her and its prolonged my agony.
  • none of this will help 100% but it does help knowing that youre using that pain to make positive choices in your life. Use it constructively.
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