Use of: 'I am' vs. 'You are' in affirmations - testing?

This is something that’s always fascinated me. These are my thoughts.

You Are Affirmations work best for: beginners, and people who aren’t used to giving themselves positive talk. People who respond very well to hearing other people say they’re doing well, for example; but if they tried to say to themselves, out loud, “I’m doing well!” It would sound false because they are more used to the negative and judgmental self talk.

For these people, You Are affirmations are a great way to start off, and even ease into, the “I Am” affirmations, IMO. The I Am affirmations seem to be more common.

The “I Am” affirmations can be too confronting, initially, for a person with very low self esteem. It’s challenging to hear and accept something you’ve never believed before, and currently don’t believe. Even with repetition, if the suggestions are too far from where the person’s subconscious acceptance lies, the affirmations may be rejected.

Therefore, hearing another person’s reassurances that “You are” worthy of love, attention, the good that you deserve in life, etc...that can be more effective for some people. I think it’s a good idea for people to try both and see which resonates more. When I first began listening, I needed the You Are affirmations, and wasn’t sure why. I asked lots of questions of my favorite positive youtube affirmation channel posters, and learned a lot.

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