Anti-GG is worse than Birthers.

GG, like Birthers, are the ones with something to prove. And, like Birthers, GG's "evidence" has been examined and roundly rejected.

I don't get your point at all, rejected doesn't mean disproved.

Anti-GG has nothing to prove beyond "Gators are idiots."


hell bent on scoring own-goal after own-goal, and all anti-GG has to do is point out the current score.

There is a lot of legitimate concerns with good evidence brought up time and time again by GG in fact its the "anti-gg" or "feminists" that I've seen who refused to even acknowledge any concerns or even engage in the discussion and than go on to dismiss any and all criticism as misogyny. I started off on the fence, but the more I learned about it [especially after watching FemenistFrequency videos] the less I supported the supposed "feminists."

For example she used Hitman Absolution as an example of males using women as playthings. She demonstrated this by selecting the level with Strippers and going out of her way to kill the strippers and than declaring proudly that the game forced her to do it or is advocating it. However anyone whose played the game can tell you not only was the interaction with strippers one of the few at all but that not only did the game intend for you to ignore and bypass the strippers entirely but that even in her video you can plainly see the game penalizing and deducting points from you for killing civilians.

This is akin to call art sexist because you painted a picture of a woman being raped. I actually do support moderate feminism but their claims are unfounded and the fact that they can attribute any and all threats to GG is to me just a cheap ploy to avoid criticism and conversation. Femfreq disables comments and never addresses the concerns involving the inaccuracies of her videos because its not about truth its about outrage.

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