Don't mess with engineers

lol! The MAJORITY of washers in apartment complexes are owned by companies who rent space, and kick back a percentage of the profits to the property owners.

The rent, called a "decoration allowance" is pretty much more money than you'd ever make trying to collect the quarters, hiring someone to service the machines, etc. on your own.

So, sometimes, usually it's seasonal, people wash heavier loads, bust more clutches, jam more quarters, or get baby socks jammed in the drains, etc. The service people get slowed down, and don't get there fast enough. Usually after a few days people get pissy and start busting up the other machines. Then the laundry rooms get locked, for a few weeks, and people start crying crocodile tears. But, the contract says, the laundry machine company, and they alone will service the machines. Property company is not to monkey with em.

It's just like any other bullshit. People run out of their apartments at 5 am, fall, call the office bitching that the walk wasn't shoveled/salted. At 5:30 am, when the snow fell at 11pm? lol! Oh hell no! Maintenance guy gets in at 8am, if you wanna sprint out of the house full tilt, grab a hand full out of that bucket that says "driveway sand" by the front door, and use it!

And then the inevitable bullshit and lies, uh, but, I called at 7:30. Oh, alright, machine says 5:30, and that still means It's gonna be 8:30-10am before everything is shoveled, salted, sanded, scraped, etc.

Oh, well I'm gonna call the CITY on you! Fine, City says we have 3 days, and you're responsible for exercising caution to avoid breaking your neck until then.

CLICK, cycle of extreme butthurt begins, threats of people to move, or they give a firm date. Ok, cool... Month notice, month is almost up, and they say they need another month to find a place. Ok, fine, off lease rate is $25 more a month, but I'll give you a freebie if you just go away and leave me be...

2 1/2 months later, sucker finally moves out, comes back, 3 days later, drops off the key, wants his deposit back, there, on the spot. Uh, nope!

Butthurt and rage begins, and I explain to the idiot, between rants, raves, swearing, insults, that he did not pay the last months rent for the two weeks, and did not pay the $25 off lease rent for the second month, and did not turn in the keys at the time of the move out, so it's 2 weeks, three days, plus late fees, process server fees for the 3 days to pay rent or quit, and more money for the eviction notice and court fee. The later of which, is probably the only reason I'm getting keys at all, as the court date would be the NEXT DAY!

As for the deposit, lol, yeah, ok. If EVERYTHING had been done right, including removing the mounds of trash, clothing, old furniture, and STUFF left behind, he'd be entitled to it, one month written notice, on the correct month, and rent had been paid for the last month.

Just another day "slumlordin'", people won't vacuum, make their kids eat food at the table, take out their trash more than every other week, shampoo their own carpet once every year or two, treat stains made on the carpet. So, they get roaches, a rug that looks like shit, etc.

Trash never makes it to the dumpster, so the trash starts blowing around the lots, peoples yards. People won't clean up their own dogshit, so it doesn't get picked up for a long time. Others invite over drunks, who puke in the hallway, and for some reason, they nor their friend cleans it up, and the cleaning company won't be in for 2 days. Oh yeah, cry me a river! Someone gets into a loud yelling fight, the cops get called, they get a 7 day notice for disturbing the neighbors, "Boo hoo! Poor ME! It wasn't my fault! Wah!"

And they wonder why landlords get cold hearted, and heartless. :D

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