Anybody else feel like sliding/powered drifting feels WAY better after that little mini-patch the other day?

As far as my computer is concerned, I'm using:

Power supply is some Corsair 850Watt supply

AMD Phenom II 3.21GHz, quad-core

8GB RAM at ~1900Hz (I think that was how fast it was... Definitely less than 2000, but was good at the time I built it)

My GPU, which is where I think the difference was made in the patch and how it calculates things... ATI MSI Radeon R9 290, 4GB. I've had many issues with this card since I installed it over the holiday break. It's very powerful, and performs well when it's working. I have gotten A LOT of blue-screens lately, and I think that maybe the problem is actually with my RAM... I think that when I installed my card, I might have allowed one of my sticks of RAM to get damaged by static, because the BSOD's keep looking like invalid memory crashes. My friend used to get a lot of those... so I think the card is ok... Never the less, I think the way that the card processes the load of physics calculations is improved for my architecture in this patch due to the way that calculations are generated by game. Because so many games rely on some version of DirectX for physics, it's all handled by your GPU, and I suspect the way in which it distributes and processes the load of data amongst its many streaming heads or whatever might have a tremendous affect on the way the game feels.

I'm using a single ASUS 27" LCD display with 5ms refresh, and a Logitech G27 system for driving. I'm going to buy Oculus as soon as it's out in a consumer format and reasonable price point, which is half the reason I have the GPU that I bought over the holidays. I haven't bothered with triple monitors, even though this GPU, as well as my old one could both support up to 6 separate displays, partly because Rift will be out soon enough at a comparable cost, and partly because I don't have the fuckin' desk space/power supply... haha. My

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