Anyone making a loot list with stats?

I'll go ahead and list what I've found so far. Primal unless noted otherwise.

Crimson Helm 4 Health Regeneration 260 Armor

Helm of Torment (affliction) 75 Armor 20 Offense

Solar Hood 5.0 Light Radius 260 Armor 10 Offense

Hood of Alacrity 260 Armor 60 Critical Strike

Gauntlets of Regrowth 180 Armor 5 Armor Regeneration

Gloves of Swiping 180 Armor 5.0 Armor Steal

Crimson Gloves 10 Health Regeneration 180 Armor

Barbed Gauntlets 300 Armor

Gauntlets of Vigor 25 Energy 180 Armor

Arcanist's Mitts 50 Armor 180 Critical Strike

Harness of Torment (affliction) 75 Armor 50 Offense Your Primary Affliction abilities gain an increased 50% critical strike damage.

Battle-Forged Plate 260 Armor 3.0 Armor Steal Using a Physical Dash ability gives you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Health.

Spendthrift's Surcoat 20 Energy 260 Armor Decreases the Energy costs of your Secondary (Right-Click) abilities by 10%.

Reinforced Plate 450 Armor Increases your Armor by 20%.

Tunic of Swiping 260 Armor 3.0 Armor Steal Increases your Life Steal by 8.

Crimson Guard 6 Health Regeneration 260 Armor Increases your Health by 10%.

Robe of the Spirits 75 Armor 25 Offense 75 Critical Strike Increases your Critical Strike by 50. (as far as I was able to tell this doesn't seem to work)

Arcanist's Robes 75 Armor 150 Critical Strike Scoring a critical strike restores 5 energy.

Robe of Mass Force 20 Energy 75 Armor 25 Offense The cool down of your Area of Effect abilities are reduced by 10%.

Excruciating Anklet Your Offense is increased by 10% while using damage over time abilities.

Rabbit-Fur Anklet Using a Heroic Movement ability removes 2 seconds off any active cooldowns every 4 seconds.

Ring of Virulence (affliction) Your abilities gain 20 Offense when you wear an Affliction chest.

Ring of Shielding Scoring a critical strike grants you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Armor.

Earrings of Infusion Incoming Armor Heals apply temporary shields of 2.5% of your Health. Stacks up to 4 times.

Ring of Crushing Might Attacks cause your target to bleed, dealing (Offense x 0.06) additional damage every 0.5 second over a 1.5 period. Can be triggered once every 3 seconds.

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