What Having White Privilege Looks Like In One Cartoon

Wilson didn't say the kid tried to punch him to death

"I've already taken two to the face ... the third one could be fatal if he hit me right."

That turned out to be a lie.

he said Brown tried to take his gun.

And how did Wilson's gun, which was on the side of Wilson facing away from Brown, magically manage to unholster itself?

Wilson said Brown tried to take his gun after Wilson already drew his made the decision to shoot him, not before.

So why did Wilson draw his weapon in the first place? He claims it was because Brown was punching him so hard. This turns out to be a total lie.

So if Wilson lied about the reason he drew his weapon in the first place, why are you believing him when he claims that Brown tried to take his gun?

Why are you trying to defend a violent

We see the store owner put his hands on Brown and block him exit. Brown shoves him aside so he can leave. No injuries are inflicted.

Once again, you're trying to justify Brown's death by attacking his CHARACTER, rather than his actions. You can't say "We see Brown doing X," because X doesn't sound bad enough to justify murder. So instead, you have to resort to "Michael Brown was a violent thug, and thugs deserve to die."

over a cop with no previous disciplinary history?

Because Ferguson conveniently doesn't keep records of past complaints. It's pretty hard to have a past history if you're not keeping any records.

But you're also relying on the circular reasoning of citing the police department as evidence of the legitimacy of the police department. It's like saying, "Global warming is a hoax, or else why wouldn't Exxon discipline their own employees for promoting global warming?" Well, maybe because they don't give a shit.

Especially when so much of the witness testimony has been dismissed as fabrication?

You mean like Wilson claiming that he was nearly beaten to death?

Or are you only referring to the witnesses who heard a gun shot while Brown was running but couldn't accurately determine whether or not the bullet reached its target from 100 feet away?

Because one of those is an honest, perfectly understandable mistake. The other one is flat out lying.

Why are you willing to believe the testimony of a flat out liar?

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