[GEAR] New guitar. J Mascis Jazzmaster.

Nice, friend!

I recently purchased a “60’s Classic Vibe” Squire Jazzmaster in Sonic Blue, and I’m beyond impressed with it. I was considering the J. Mascis model, and was equally impressed with the sound it had. At the end of the day it just came down to me wanting the “sonic blue” color haha.

“Budget” guitars are so much better now than they were when I was younger. At least from Squire. I’m not some sort of expert, but I have been playing and performing (to a limited degree) for decades. These Jazzmaster models, to me, are nearly indistinguishable in sound to the “real” models. Not to mention the attention and care that goes into the look of them. They look tremendous these days, especially in person.

Hope you enjoy yourself with it. I’ve scarcely been able to keep myself away from mine for the past two weeks. I’ve just been endlessly playing old surf sounds, old Motown sounds, Charlie Megira style stuff. What have you been playing? I imagine the J Mascis model combined with a Gibson amp might be more conducive to a more modern sort of sound than what I’m up to with my little Fender Blues Jr. amp.

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