Are we Femboys in high-ish demand??

I consider myself a femboy I guess and I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with a fem guy but it's not if ever for sexual reasons. And I see people that want a femboy partner have that same attitude. I guess it may come down to how culture is now, for years and years men were supposed to be tough, straight as a board, strong all these thing's and if you weren't you were considered fem/gay w.e else to discredit a man. Girls didn't like that at least the one's I knew didn't because they found it annoying and I'm sure that never really changed look at scenes like punk (Specifically before it got hella fuck up to females and during the riot grrrl movement) or goth where the girls aren't look at as sex object or thing's to just look after the man. They love those thing's they don't have to fit what a girl "should" look like and fast forward to now where so many people are comfortable with just being themselves now girl's actually can see those kind of guy's that they could dress up and do make up with maybe shop it doesn't have to be your gay friend now it can be your straight (or not) bf so maybe that's why idk ofc but just my thoughts ig.

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