The Big House

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Ic: Kalura sighs, running a hand through her hair.

Well, Miss Juniper...those guns you just wished away belonged to Batia- and I had confiscated those. But that's beside the point.

She folds her arms, flicking her short brown hair to the side and slightly leaning on one leg.

I want to see action being taken against her. She's...well, where do I start? I've personally seen her shooting at someone- Alex, child of Hebe. As in, actually take them out and start firing at him. And from what I've been picking up, she's done it at least twice more- once to Logan (Baen) right when she entered camp, and to another camper- who as far as I know is still in the cabin. Injured.

She takes a moment to close her eyes.

More over, she's been bullying people under the pretense of helping them. She put up posters a few days ago, and they said something along the lines of 'taking care of bullies.' Uh... She fishes around in her pants, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper and showing it to her. Here.

Bullies giving you problems.. Batia will take fix your problems!!

Batia Sharon Ex Special forces trained in hostage rescue. Expert marksmen Batia never loses a mark. Don't cross this bitch or she will cross you of her list

People just don't understand. Batia will make them Understand

Got a monster that you can't kill Batia will kill It no charge

Need some Motivation!! Batia will motivated the fuck out of you

Kalura waits for Juniper to finish reading.

That's threatening info, right there. She's openly written that she'll cross you off her list and she'll make bullies understand. In my book, that counts as bullying.

Moreover, her attitude...ugh. She's rude, mean, arrogant, and I could go on and on, but I'm sure you've gotten it.

Kalura blows some air out of her mouth, taking out the charred remains of a ball; Mackenzie's ball.

This belongs to a cousin of mine. Mackenzie. She's about nine-ish. Kalura explains. This ball was the last thing that she had from her parents, and they were killed in a shoot out. She asked Batia to find it- and when she did, she went and bloody tossed it into a fire. She snarls the last bit. And then she told Mac to man up. Like fucking Batman.

All in all, I'm done with her behaviour. She's emotionally hurt a camper, physically and possibly seriously hurt at least three others, has been recklessly using her weapons, and just being a general bully. I'm sick of it, and I don't care if she's my senior, or she's been in camp longer, or that she's served the country.

The next part is spoken very simply, with not a single hint of confusion in it.

I want her out of camp. She's a danger to those around her.

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