Don't Stay in School

I wasn't taught how to get a job" We were taught that, and those are skills that are mostly learned via trial and error / experience

"I wasn't taught how to pay tax" It's really easy though

"I was never taught how to vote" We learned how to vote, and there were several ways to get into political clubs. "I wasn't taught how to look after my health" One of the first things they teach you in school, in grade 1 is the health foods group, and physical education is mandatory (right? Stephanie Lawrence) "never spent a lesson on current events" Half of my curriculum was current events, if not more. "I was never taught what laws there are" We had to memorize parts of the charter of rights and freedoms, and law classes were optional. "Yet i don't know squat about trading stocks" Not a valuable life choice unless you choose it "how money works" We studied it a little bit, I think enough. "Not taught how to budget" Well, that's not a school's job to teach you, if you can't save your money properly that's your fault. "Didnt learn how much it costs to raise a kid" Okay that one's true, but again if you're going to have a kid then go study it "They made me learn that over basic first aid" Because those mathematic skills are more useful for "professional" careers "Never taught present day practical medicines" Okay, so go google them, or take the class for it in high school "discuss domestic abuse and get the facts or how to help my depressed friend with their mental state" Well, there are councilors at schools correct? Our school had a psychology class. "They say it's not the kids the parents are the problem" Well, parents have a role in educating their kids, when they're very young. After that, once you can make your own choices, your parents are only there to "educate" you when you're younger and don't know any better Excluding some other life things that are learnt "I'm only fluent in this language for serious" Well you have the option of learning 2 languages or more, and I'm a little bit sad that i wasn't forced to learn french, but if I wanted to I could now. Education isn't handed to you. You have to learn. You have to apply yourself. Most of these things are things you learn in high school You still have to apply yourself. I'm sick of this "give me this give me that attitude that our generation has spawned.

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