Bowsette is dumb.

So I'm basically Flowey the Flower for not liking Bowsette?

...Eh, could be worse. Never understood what this "love" thing was anyway (Outside of obsessive), and all my other emotions would be intact.

Anyway, why I really hate Bowsette (And maybe shouldn't have made a thread on her earlier this morning... I can be pretty impulsive when my emotions run high) is not just because she's a sexualized Bowser. It's because she's being shoved in my face wherever I go on the internet. Not even the subreddit I hang out most at, r/fanfiction, was safe (We don't normally talk about Mario over there).

I can't even avoid this in RL... Two guys were talking about HER on my commute home today. I felt better when I moved further back and found myself listening to NBA stuff instead (And I say this as someone who doesn't give a damn about sports).

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