Really love the height gap in the Mario x Peach ship.

Fair enough. I'd seen a better looking study earlier but I accidentally clicked away from it and couldn't figure out how to get back. But I wasn't finished reading it so I can't say with confidence that you would find that data any more convincing

Yeah, they aren't the most rigorous studies and like I said there are lots of exceptions but I've understood most of my life that, because men tend to be taller than women, men and women both tend to expect the man in a relationship to be taller than the woman he's paired with.

I certainly didn't see any studies that concluded that height doesn't matter in heterosexual romantic pairings.

And there is the idea that a man can be too much taller than the woman in a relationship, to the point where the height difference is really awkward and causes difficulty for the couple.

And the world's shortest person is a man, he's 1 foot 10, about three inches shorter than the world's shortest woman. I went through the list of shortest men and couldn't find where they were listed as having any kind of romantic partner but I have a memory of reading about the world's shortest man many years ago and he was romantically involved with a woman of normal height.

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