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Not really, it's legitimately the worst Royal Rumble match I've seen. Other than the nostalgia spots with Bubba Ray and DDP, there was NOTHING worthwhile about it (unless you count how bad it was). And I'll go over it anyways so you know what I'm talking about.

  1. They start off with THE MIZ and R-TRUTH. Usually Rumble matches start with two guys who bring some excitement or have some history. These two have the latter but problem is no one cares because they haven't been relevant since 2011 so most have probably forgot.

  2. Bray Wyatt is the ironman with the long run in the match yet his "running the place" period was dull. First they tease some type of Wyatt Family reunion (we never got the explanation as to why they split or why Rowan and Harper hate each other now btw!) but it takes 30 seconds before Bray eliminates the other two like complete jobbers. Until Bryan shows up, Wyatt as the "eliminator" is largely uneventful to this point. The worst part of Wyatt's run in this match is something I'll save for later.

  3. Daniel Bryan comes in early and gets the crowd excited and gives us hope that he'll go on a lengthy run before winning it or at least being one of the last guys remaining. But what do we get? He gets shoved off the apron like a complete jobber after 5 minutes of participating. That KILLS the crowd and the mood of the night which leads to a chorus of boos out of frustration and very few get a chance to perform, not that WWE gave it to them to begin with.

  4. Roman Reigns comes in a few minutes later to a thunderous BOOvation as any suspense is killed and everyone with half a brain knows he's going to win this match. And then there's booking everything in a way to make him look strong. He's never in danger of being eliminated and on the apron, he doesn't really do much of note other than show up here and there with his 2 moves of doom and that's all to protect him for when he eventually wins.

  5. Crowd is not completely unfair to everyone not named Bryan because Mizdow, Ambrose, Ryback, Ziggler and Cesaro just to name a few are guys who get a good reaction and cheered by fans. So what they do? Eliminate each of them like a piece of garbage which leads to...

  6. Kane & Big Show's domination. Nobody gives a damn about these two old has beens that are completely irrelevant today. WWE knows nobody will cheer them so in hopes of fans getting behind Reigns as their "savior", they have these two heat killers eliminate every guy the crowd likes and toss them out like complete jobbers. Ambrose? Knocked out and thrown over the top rope. Ziggler? Same deal with only 2 minutes of ring time. Wyatt? Exact same, which rendered his entire run as useless since it amounted to nothing.

  7. Now we're left with Reigns and three heels that nobody likes (Show & Kane along with Rusev hiding underneath). Kane & Big Show are also made to look like idiots as they try to eliminate each other at the same time, leading to Reigns taking advantage and tossing both over the top rope for good.

  8. Crowd is still booing the shit out of the match so time for the last resort! Big Show and Kane return to assault Reigns, hoping it builds sympathy for him as they think they have a foolproof plan with The Rock showing up to save the day. Obviously he gets cheered but fans are smart enough and none of the cheers are transfered towards Reigns. Back to Rusev, he shows up at last (after "We Want Rusev" chants for the anti-American character) and gets eliminated like a jobber with zero struggle whatsoever in Reigns' part. Rock returns to the ring to raise Reigns' arm and as pointed out, it backfires because they end up booing The Rock for it and even the look on his face implies that he was embarrassed.

I didn't even mention that regardless of all the shenanigans in the booking where everyone except Reigns looked like complete jokes, the match was a complete bore with no memorable spots or interesting battles throughout. (outside of the aforementioned surprise entrants in Bubba Ray and DDP) If all of that doesn't convince you that the Royal Rumble match we were presented last Sunday is a piece of shit, I don't know what will.

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