CCP Charges Hong Kong Activists Caught Fleeing to Taiwan: (HK12) has been denied access to lawyers hired by their families, raising fears in Hong Kong; "illegal boundary-crossing" charges that could put them behind bars for years.

love the deception.

jail sentence is 1 yr MAX, only the 2 ringleaders may get longer sentence, so that's only 2 out of 12 of people that may be jailed for more a year, yet the journalist that you quoted says in his opening salvo "charges that could put them behind bars for years." lovely piece of deception to make it sound much worse than it is... like they're ALL gonna be jailed for years n years, which is Bullshit.

then we have the "save 12 youths." definition of a youth is 24~25 years and under. Out of 12, 7 are youths, 5 are not youths, the oldest is 33, this is another deception to make it sound much worse than it is by deceiving people into believing all 12 are youths. You have managed to deceive a lot of idiots in the west, the Italian girl that went on hunger strike for them a few weeks ago, she called them 12 boys! she doesn't even know one of them is a woman! That's how dumb these people are in west.

This is all done as propanganda to invoke sympathy but fortunately, I live in hong kong and I know what's going on, you can't deceive me, you can only deceive the idiot west that orgasms daily over these types of stories.

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