I want to bring your attention to some critical issues, pls read this post and share it so more people are made aware about this.

I'm not acting as if Pakistan is a heaven, we don't want the fucking rivers. Kashmir had Muslim majority then and now. The King joined India and ignored the Muslim population of Kashmir. Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize that Pakistan wanted rivers perhaps you are right. Perhaps the deaths of hundreds of Muslims is juuussst fake. Your military doesn't rape or kill that's our doing in fact, right? . Terror has NO religion. We rebel and we fight to take what's our by majority of population. We did not launch a full scale invasion that was your doing when the Muslims of Kashmir said they will not join India. The king did sign the fukin accession but he ignored the majority of Muslims residing in Kashmir. We want kashmiri Muslims to be able to practice Islamic methods in peace, but it is not us that kills children or families for eating beef and sacrificing cows which is OUR religious RIGHT and is our RELIGIOUS TRADITION. Your people rape and kill our kashmiri sisters, brothers, mothers, daughters and families while you have the bravery to sit in your sexist controlled nation and bark that " death and rape have nothing to do with the demand of freedom by Pakistan, they want freedom for Kashmir only for its RiVeRs ". I'm sorry our country isn't centralized on sexism, a horrible and terrifying caste system which basically says " they are beneath us they are slaves ", I'm sorry my country doesn't kill and rape hundreds for having a different religion and eating beef. We are not good there is corruption within us too but before saying" they only want rivers" go to the home of the kashmiri mother whose child was killed for eating beef or having a different religion and then think why we want freedom for Kashmir.

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