AITA for being upset that my dad brought someone to our house and let them use our (my) personal things?

YTA. Yeah your Dad is doing a poor job at getting defensive but you're overreacting. Would you deny someone in need a pad/tampon? A disposable razor? I understand it would have been nice for your Dad to get more before you arrived, but you should give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't know his girlfriend had exhausted the supply. But it's not really about pads and razors, it's about your desire your own personal space and issues between you and your dad about his love life. You don't get to hate his girlfriend without meeting her; if your dad meets someone who makes him happy, you should support him until there's a good reason not to. You are entitled to certain spaces and possessions not being touched and should talk about those things with your dad, but it is irrationally territorial to be upset about a new towel and loofa in the bathroom. It is your home, but it is not only your home; your dad can have guests and he ought take care of them when they need a toiletry item. Your Dad is a human being, you should treat him with empathy.

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