Why aren't americans suffering from bad healthcare not in the streets right now ?

We are the same person. Bet you were and still are a punk rocker? I just dress better now, but yeah, what you said. I’m holed up from the world now and pretty much despise every one I know for being addicted to their phones and Facebook. If they would say, hey Ava, I can’t go to a town hall with you because I am depressed as fuck and just want to stay home and smoke weed and masturbate, I’d have so much more respect for them. Instead, they lie and say they are soooooo busy but we’ll catch up soon! I’m also in a region known for how unfriendly it is so I’m working on getting out of here, but hey, I have bad health from the lack of healthcare OP made this post about.

I’m planning on just traveling the rest of my life starting next fall and hoping I can resettle in Europe somewhere, but I don’t have a high level degree or company that can sponsor me for relocation. Maybe I’m able to get into a European university, but due to how the last two decades have gone in America, and personally, I’ve given up dreaming, and just kind of phone life in. If you crawl out of the wrong vagina in America when you are born, there’s pretty much no catching up or life getting better, it’s just nonstop pissing on fires for the rest of your life. MIT has statistics backing that up but this country doesn’t want facts, it wants you to be positive so people don’t have to feel sad about privileges and systems they don’t understand they are benefitting from.

Hey Frenchie OP, you need a mail order bride?

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