[Critique] - Ch1 Excerpt, 475 words. Does it flow?

The description of the inn in the first paragraph feels out of place. Imagine if someone started to tell you a story like this: "Hey listen! So there's this inn, right? And it's pretty run down, but it used to be nice. And all sorts of gambling and whoring and stuff goes on there. It's painted gold, but the paint is flaking. The innkeeper keeps the door unlocked late so people can get in. And... SOMEONE WAS MURDERED!!!"

You gotta lead with the interesting bit if you want my attention! You can tell me all about the inn later if it's cool and relevant to the interesting story of a guy being murdered.

Otherwise I think it's a good start. I'd need the hook to have something spicier a bit later on to really catch my interest. This probably doesn't speak well to my character, but mere murder isn't enough to satisfy me. Maybe if the corpse gets up and starts dancing, or the killer is a crazed ballerina, or it turns out the guy wasn't dead after all and this is an elaborate setup for a heist of the inn. Something. Keep at it! Your prose is pretty good.

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