Dad is lazy?

Interesting scenario. I don’t support someone being lazy and putting more work on their partner, no matter the gender and especially if there are kids involved. Seems like he’s enjoying life but if his wife is stressed then I hope he’s fixing up the house, and he should be making sure you get an education.

I could see myself being like your Dad. I would like to spend as much time as possible with my future(in 2 months) kid. My Dad wasn’t completely absent, but he worked enough overtime and drank enough that it was noticeable and I always relied on my Mom. I’m lucky he provided for us but it came with a price. My Mom was the stay-at-home Mom who stayed at home for too long when she didn’t need to, and now they can’t retire comfortably…

Read comments below that your education you’re talking about is grade school/high school? I was a assuming college, in which case my response would have been do it yourself or don’t go to college. In this case, there has to be a way to go to public school. You have to convince your parents if not for your for your sibling. If you’re 17, work on your GED.

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