Discussion Thread #1: Week of 13 October 2020

Yes it is very upsetting that it results in a defect defect strategy. That is why woke ideology is so upsetting. It forces a defect defect strategy to be the only viable way for any individual to survive.

Colourblind liberalism was the cooperate strategy, and if that is abandoned then anyone who doesn't have the resources to survive cooperating and getting defected on has no choice but to defect themselves to minimise their losses.

What you say in your reading of my paragraph would seem plausible, if it weren't for the fact that it is that majority group that has changed and made society one where, until recently, cooperating was viable.

For some demographic in the USA having a different outcome to the demographic I, a British man who lives in the UK, would belong to if I were in the USA to matter at all is the defection.

Accepting that ethnic or other demographics should be considered unified across all space (countries), as one "people" is, for ethnicites at least, outright racist defection that makes cooperation impossible.

Pushing the narrative that I, as a white skinned British man, am in any way racially responsible for e.g. black skinned Americans to, on average, have less wealth than than white skinned americans, while still having more wealth than me, or that I am somehow responsible for a white skinned american policeman murdering ,and that I should therefore be discriminated against, be insulted, and have to remain silent in the face of the construction of insane violent race war rhetorical edifices, all because of skin colour or an artificially constructed international race identity, is itself a huge defection. It is an asteroid impact sized defection!

This is why I think that a mainstream society wide rejection of race narratives (the violent accelerationist ones need to be rejected asap) and wokisms is necessary to allow cooperation to happen at all.

For myself, this is why wokisms respilles me into stronger nationalism, if someone rejects an international and artificiality constructed "racial" identity and adopts and commits to the same national identity as me then we can be brothers. Other nations can be partners, allies, competitors, etc.

If they refuse to do that, or others refuse on their behalf (see woke), then their own identity, and attitudes towards identity, precludes cooperation between us and forces me to reject cooperstion with anyone else with that identity. If that identity is marked by skin colour then we are back to defect defect monstrous strategies.

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