Does anyone else have a hard time associating Android games with "real" gaming? Having difficulties with the mentality of gaming on the platform.

I was late to the smartphone thing, but the second I got one I thought it would be packed with quality games, I mean the power? Market size?

But all I found was cheap trashy ways of getting money for nothing.

But it makes sense. As a commuter how often will I actually play games? I cam's get lost in something with the hour travel to work, and I'm not going to on the way back either. In both cases I'm just filling time and an audio book/music is much easier.

The only time for me as your typical gamer, that it is worth going to effort, is a long train journey or a trip.

Now if your a Dev, do you make a complex in depth game for a slim percentage of a slim percentage who:

A) Have a lot of time (not 15 min breaks) to look at a phone.

B) who don't mind their expirience being interrupted and disjointed

C) Don't mind looking like giant dorks to the general public

And D) are willing to support the game with a reasonable one off payment

Or do you make a game which takes 25% of the effort and has a much broader market (if stiffer competition).

You'll probably make the Flappy Crush game for cash and involve yourself in a real project for PC.

I'm not saying their aren't any good ones, or that there is no potential for something explosive. But those are my thoughts.

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