Does your pain change your personality?

The B12 shots made my hands and feet stop burning! The deficiency was being hidden by high folate (ironically common with celiac disease..) so that I never looked anemic.

And I need to take vit D, too. I haven't been tested but my husband recently was and was severely deficit, and for most meals eating what I eat. Oops. I'll check that in 2 weeks.

My celiac disease and psoriasis started when I was 13. The psoriasis always worsens from GI inflammation. I started seeking medical care at 17 - and didn't get diagnosed for 11 years. It ruined my gallbladder, too. It also used to cause me terrible bursitis. You know those proper easy to see red swollen joints that everyone can see and say "that joint is inflammed".

Right after going gluten free I quickly developed almond, peanut, and shellfish allergies. Those start as an asthma attack and then it feels like my airways are closing up. Within 4 hours I get a rash on my face. But I don't test positive for them and don't have epi-pens.

Did you have weird levels on blood work while the celiac disease was undiagnosed? Elevated liver enzymes, low serum albumin, high globulin, or low potassium? Signs something was wrong. The first rheumatologist I seen looked at these values and told me that those values being off were "just because you're skinny".

Since my immune system was left alone to keep progressing diseases, I went on to develop ulcerative colitis sometime in 2020. Be careful, the GI nonsense sticks around to make us miserable.

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