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Is Nightbane still possible to get? Or am I just cursed with bad legacy mount hunting luck? Went in Return to Karazhan, thought I was on mythic, difficulty even said mythic... but the Mount quest doesnt work, cant get the buffs, etc. Yes I know how to summon Nightbane. But my gear from killing bosses is heroic, yet it says im on Mythic. But I couldnt do the nightbane stuff. The soul fragments appear but I never got any buffs. It's really frustrating that these type of issues are taking place in WOW constantly. I had this happen with Dragon Soul the other day where I put it on heroic and nope, Im normal. Didnt realize till after a kill of course haha.

Doesnt matter if you set the difficulty, it still seems to randomly do this. But in this case, both in Return to Karazhan, and when I exited and checked, said I was on Mythic. But.... I was getting heroic gear,,, so was mythic removed or am I glitched or bugged or just unlucky? I ALWAYS set the difficulty before I go in, apparently the game can show the mythic skull and say mythic but, still be heroic. AHHHH

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