why dont animal hospitals respond to students?

How did you word your initial email? I always had luck getting a response back by formally wording my emails and attaching my resume complete with cover letter specific to the hospital that I was inquiring at. Also, I would first call the hospital, stating my intent and asking for the best way to get the information to them. If I’ve learned one thing over the last five years as a CVT it’s that veterinary staff, particularly practice managers are fucking swamped, I’ve also seen SO many ungrateful students, both tech students and veterinary students, come through the hospital because they needed hours and contributed absolutely nothing. We’ve had to contact their respective schools in some instances, one tech student that shadowed with us one time (she sat on her phone and did not volunteer to help with anything) threw an absolute shit fit when we did not give her a staff discount for her cat’s vaccines. My point is that every practice manager has had these experiences, and if you write an informal email it’s possible that they will not take you seriously and move on to the many higher priority tasks that they have.

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