I don't understand why people are upset...

Who said anything about sex? Slow down slick, gotta buy me dinner first. Don't worry, no yaoi (didn't even know what that was, had to look it up). Like I said, no Japanese shit lol.

I think you're the one doing major projection. My biology does not and never has disturbed me. It intrigues me, actually, I love learning about my body, what it used to be, what it is now, my biology is pretty sweet tbh.

People IRL are very kind to transmen- why do you think that is?

Like, on purpose? Or what? Do you think you can tell when every single person is trans? I can tell when someone is "just being nice", and it happens only with people who know I'm trans. They're overtly nice, which I hate tbh. People who don't know I'm trans, the cashier, the waiter, the patron, just gender me correctly, which again, probably upsets you for some weird reason.

Weird that you only care about what my mom and grandma think, how do you know I even have a gran? Do you not think I have other family members? Now you're just trying to be mean but it's not working. I don't seek approval of anyone, family included. I'm not physically nor mentally hurting anyone. If they're hurt because I'm happy, that's quite their issue, not mine. I owe nobody anything. I owe myself happiness.

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