Drayn - The Gbank Ninja!

Lol. What Drayn did was in poor taste BUT the absolute lack of leadership displayed by Shaann made this an inevitability. Shaann herself is a female neck beard of epic proportions who can't be bothered to speak to her OWN guild members who were considered hardcore raiders, speaks in a dismissive and smug way complete with aggressive periods following every reply she sends to guild chat as if she can't be bothered dealing with the lowly members in her own guild.

On top of all this, the most hilarious thing is that epiphany could have easily recovered in they took their head out of their asses and actually had an accessible application system. Nobody in their right minds is going to fill out their absurd applications on a fucking private server where the game is 7 years old and everyone who plays on it has done the content already. It's really laughable how these delusional kids thought anything they've accomplished somehow made them elite in any regard.

Then you have the fact that the guild leader herself is literally a clicker. As in, she doesn't keybind her shit. And she has the audacity to act like she's better than anyone? Give me a fucking break.

Yes Drayn/Gurdok probably shouldn't have withdrew all of that stuff (which Shaann gave him the power to do btw), BUT out of all the officers in Epiphany he was the one who was the nicest to everyone including social ranks and lowbies, and would actually give out low level stuff to the casuals in the guild if they requested it and would treat them like human beings instead of the standard "no." responses by the dumbest person to ever receive a legendary in the history of WoW: Shaann.

Lmao I honestly don't know how anyone wouldn't see this coming I mean she has literally like 3 weeks prior to this happening where it was clear as day what direction the guild was going in and not a single change was made. Give me a fucking break.

If you want to think Drayn is a guild bank ninja and completely ignore the context of the situation that's up to you, but don't think that this entire situation is so black and white.

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