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I do not have a band, but I will have one. I am 13 years old and have grown up with metal surrounding me. I write songs about religion, hypocrisy, abstinence, society, stupidity, poverty, war, etc, etc. I am learning how to play the guitar. I don't even know how to write music - But when I'm older, I know I will be able to.

All of this - All of it - will sound so nonviable and silly. It's just an insignificant comment posted by some small thing on Reddit.

Well, my favorite artist is Marilyn Manson. I've read his autobiography, I've studied his songs, his beliefs, everything. After a while, I began to realize that I want to do what he did. No, not the same thing, not something unoriginal... But more like something immense and powerful like he did. I want to cause chaos. I want to be a tornado. I want to be the tornado. I want to send a message, one so massive that believers will start protests.

I want to put on a show that, by the end of it, everyone's mind is blown. In short - I want - and need to bring the world a new age of rock music. One that is full of art and meaning.

I often wonder. I will sometimes stare at the System of a Down poster that I have in my room and wonder how they went from being nothing to being something huge.

I've heard many stories of various actors/singers that have been through hell to get to where they are, and how hard it was, and how nobody believed in them. And that really gives me hope.

I truly believe that I am capable of becoming something. And that's all I need: Self-respect, effort, and a belief that I can do whatever the fuck I want to.

"If you believe that you are the center of your own Universe, and you want to see the Universe destroyed, it only takes one bullet."

You can say the exact same thing if you want to see your Universe explode into something amazing. It only takes ability and effort.

I've seen the rules of the game - And now, I just have to play it better than anyone else.

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