ELI5: why is high school exams so easy in USA?

The cancer of postermodernism, rearing itself as a violently censorous intermediary agency

Analogy: You are at the local coffee bar, having a natural free-will communication between yourself and another human being. Suddenly, a jackboot thug walks up and puts a wall between you and who you were just talking to. The JBT tells you that you have committed a violation, and puts you in handcuffs. You are under arrest, because see - there are special conditions where only certain kinds of approved ways of talking about things are allowed. Failure to maintain the narrow scope is a crime.

At what point will people have enough of this unnatural intermediation, this abominable interdiction? It used to be said that between a husband and wife was the holy ghost - otherwise no separation, yet here it seems to be the repacement is a fascist mind control regime.

Question: Well I have never been to USA but from the research I have made it seems like the questions being asked in high school exit exams are like the questions I solved at the age of 12.For instance take a look at this. https://youtu.be/jyWjvXR7niI. And the thing I wonder the most is how do students close the gap in university. I mean how can someone study without knowing derivatives and integrals.

Answer: https://i.imgur.com/Qf2dVPP.png

How long will people allow themselves to be a slave to the system that decides what is and is not a fact - with no truth or justice. A system that corrupts communication with a nonsensical vague tyrannical rule system? The answer is not to become defeated and submit, but not participate and create a new system with the likeminded.

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