ELI5: How does the United States run on a deficit, and what does that ACTUALLY mean for the future?

You have real problems. "Wahhh My house." "Wahhhh Equity" If the guy at best buy told you when you were buying your T.V that you could sell it 20 years down the line and make 10x profit would you believe him?

My parents abandoned me when I was 13 after that I went through 6 years of sexual abuse along side 4 reports only one of which was ever documented by the police. I was beaten by the police charged with a DUI right before my last semester of community college.

After knocking my three front teeth out and driving me to the county line they told me not to come back. That was all in 2007 it wasn't until 2012 that the man who did this all to me was caught. I don't care about my self, I could give a fucks less about the feelings of guilt, thoughts of suicide but what keeps me up at night is that no one believed me and no one stopped him, for 5 more years. Just thinking about all the kids that could have been sparred drives me into a rage that I quickly have to subside so that I don't upset normal folks like you and get thrown into some kind of mental institution because I have disturbed the peace some how.

In 2007 I spent my first night homeless as soon as that happened there was no way I would be any part of Arizona, so I left every thing I knew behind, every PTSD triggering street name, every restaurant he would take me to to, my friend, my family I left it all behind.

I wandered for 7 years after that, some times I came close to getting off the road and getting on my feet but every feeble attempt at a life failed and eluded me. I resigned my self to the life of a nomad as if some kind of living embodiment of Cain.

Every one I met had some ulterior motive to being close to me, labor, sex, loneliness, it would be a long time before I met some one that gave a fuck and rescued me from my fucked up life.

You should take those frustrations and try to harness them for good, do some thing powerful for the world.

But go on about tell me about equity some more.

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