EW: 2016 will make or break superhero movies

Fantastic 4

That property will have to wait another 10 years before people start believing there can be a good film for it. The most recent one could've actually been good and still not done much better on opening weekend. It'd have to gain some serious traction through word of mouth and even then, I wouldn't see it being any more successful than a Pacific Rim ($411 million) or Mad Max ($373 million), which didn't have bad numbers by any stretch, but a good F4 film sans its current rep should be making ~$400 million minimum.

This could very well happen once the MCU and DCCU are done with their overarching storylines. At some point everything - the actors, directors and writers - will need to be rebooted and the experimentation can get tricky. I just don't think there's enough creatively excellent, interested people in Hollywood that can hold up superhero films for the rest of eternity on a consistently long term basis.

There will be crests and troughs through the decades and individually good films, but if you believe Avengers films can continue to trend downward in quality (two is a trend, three is a problem), do you really expect people to keep going to them? Not me. There'd have to be a huge dip in quality to make them unprofitable so quickly, but many of these projects have huge budgets. These aren't horror movies, there isn't enormous profit margin.

So yes, I think the bubble can pop, but that doesn't mean comicbook films will fall off the face of the Earth. I just expect the troughs to be filled with less A-list properties and more isolated stories of B or even C-list characters (and an opportunity for those to be neat "little" films) until the right culmination of people come around to reboot the bigger franchises.

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