'Avengers: Endgame' Morgan Stark Actress Facing Cyber Bullying

Wasn't justifying anything anyone said to this young lady. Just being realistic about the situation. Something you seem unable to do.

Now, let me sum up your crybaby tirade above...

"Somebody said something mean to someone online, so we should regulate the entire internet or people's free speech"...Instead of just ignoring the behavior of these people, or not subjecting children to it in the first place.

Makes sense and sounds totally reasonable. Get real! Again...isn't it easier to just take some personal responsibility? Instead of futilely trying to change online culture?

That's like not wearing a seat belt then getting mad because you got hurt in a car accident, when the seat belt would have saved you. I can protect myself from other wreckless drivers, but I can't make them drive more safely. Same logic applies here, buddy.

Oh, and a 7 year old doesn't need to have a social media presence or be on Facebook. I don't care how "normie" you think it is. It's just as awful a place as the rest of the internet. Maybe more so...

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