Are we in a superhero movie Bubble or Golden Age? When will it end?

It'll keep trucking so long as they can properly manage the cross overs, casting and development of lesser known properties. They won't be able to keep making Avengers movies forever, so while the actors are still around and the movies are still doing well it's my hope they can introduce new characters and teams into the mainstream. Hopefully they won't try to reboot The Avengers a year after they finish the Infinity War, and instead focus on other heroes.

It's probably misplaced, but it seems like a lot of the folks in charge of the MCU are interested in giving us interesting characters and stories more than they are with just creating a brand and it shows through in how well adapted most of the properties are. If this sort of enthusiasm can be maintained and applied throughout the universe of characters that exists, I think we can look forward to many more years of great movies.

DC on the other hand still has to prove they can deliver a cohesive universe. Nolan did his thing with Batman, but coasting on that success has only gotten them as far as Man of Steel which didn't really live up to expectations or the hype. The success of Dawn of Justice will likely determine the fate of their continued efforts, which makes me weary because at this point I don't know if Zack Snyder is the guy to lead us into a world that gives us the Justice League. Mostly, I don't see any overarching vision for the DC franchises like we've seen with the MCU. I really hope Dawn of Justice proves me wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.

I guess it sounds like a Marvel fan boy, but the proof is in the pudding. The Avenger's and its associated properties are universally well liked and outside of some foibles (Thor and Black Widow) have been both entertaining and faithful to the material. Something which DC has never had both of at the same time.

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