F2 Frustration Getting Kicked Over And Over Again

The only thing missing is the rng ring from bt that refuses to drop for 3 months. Most of the Gold i saved up i spent it getting past raven 9. I didn't have a problem getting into groups until f2 bug showed up. But I do have the bt earing and soulshields. As for badge, I dont have 2k gold for the aransu badge. And getting past stage 3 earing I need a premium trans stone, which requires the dailies to get gold and buy at the market place. I rely on the train from smm - dd. Before the bug i was doing ST as part of the dailies. However I am at HM 12. I also have a SF and BM at raven 9. And its easier to get into groups with them. Both also at HM 12. The problem is mostly the F2 because this problem was non existent until the bug hit.

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