Cheat sheet for F8 lobbies on December 6th

From my experience, even those above Baleful/Seraph aren't trustworthy. Last trap run I had in IF involved the entire party in Raven/Dawn, Legend Bracelet, and Awakened Soul, and half the party with Obsidian Gem. Multiple wipes from Iron Monkey, Yoong healing a crapton of health from 3 stack shield, KFM tank frequently losing aggro to me so (as marker) I had to intentionally hold back, lots of carpet fodder, and 30k DPS from 4/6 of party.

Yesterday this BM with Dawn 3, Stage 10 Dragon Bracelet, and Obsidian Gem was deliberately spinning Normal Granite Titan and refused to stop when I asked them to because it was "easier for [them] to spin him :P". So I requested they unspec threat and they did and just shut up the rest of the run while I tanked Agoni and Xanos flawlessly.

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