DAE parents make good money but still made you feel poor because of how they would react when you asked for money and the really unhealthy food they would buy?

Can definitely relate and felt like a totally accessory; My parents were really wealthy when I was younger.

  • always money for $$$$ wine or designer clothes (like $3000 ski jackets) but back to school shopping always stressed me out because my Nmom would always complain about the cost/requirement of glue sticks, pencils, etc.
  • always money for expensive Xmas gifts I didn’t want or understand (diamond Jewlrey anyone at 7 years old)
  • only my parents went out to movies or dinner. If we went to the movies only my mom was able to get popcorn because “concessions were too expensive”
  • money for private tennis lesions but group soccer too expensive and a hassle
  • money for lux vacations but not for lunch at the resorts, etc as my parents ordered food, wine, and beers

I could go on and on. I was so confused growing up because i didn’t understand why dollar amounts didn’t matter - it was totally situationally and about control. I didn’t know that, couldn’t recognize it, and it has led to me needing to feel such strong agency in my life.

Often I don’t know what I like or what I’ve been conditioned to like.

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