Finding a community

I'm definitely fully involved outside of anything military/base-related. I've lived here for three years and I've learned the local language to a point where I don't have many issues in day-to-day life. I have a really good group of friends and outside of the military. And when we move, we want to live off-base again and I hope to either go back to school or find a job (maybe both, who knows).

I'd like to have some military friends and people who kind of know what life is like because I didn't grow up around the military, and I have no frame of reference for anything. My only interactions really have been with my SO's coworkers and their spouses. I don't have access to the base without being signed in by someone. And as someone who likes having back-up plans for her back-up plans, not knowing anything isn't exactly a comfortable position haha.

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