As a follow-up to my previous post about having FPP no longer having a selection and as others have mentioned, make it so the maps have to come predownloaded on the game. We now have to re download the maps all over again with this update. Tencent.... Learn your player base.

My quarrel is with a certain whiny, and highly obnoxious “GAME NOT WORK IH8 U TENCUCK MOTHERBITHC!!!1” demographic that won’t appreciate the fact that they can enjoy a free multiplayer game that will run on any potato smartphone without the need for a console or dedicated PC. I get that not everyone can afford one for the sole purpose of playing games, The fact remains, however, that anno 2019/2020, even the “lesser endowed” households from low-income countries have access to smartphones nowadays.

My apologies for putting you in the same basket with them. After cracking a few cans I guess slightly I’m buzzed.., But, after taking the time to read some of your posts I came to the conclusion I got no beef with you. You are absolutely right with your criticism.

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