Foreplay like this should be illegal.

No I am not. I just gave an example of how far radio can travel from history. Radio waves easily and often travel more than 200 miles. I worked in radio and remember learning about different radio waves and types of radio traveling immense distances.

I was having trouble finding a direct explanation of this to sure, that targeted our exact discussion so instead I will share this conversation of a message board concerning radio broadcasts and their range. I share this even though, it's a discussion - many of the comments echo what I remember learning about radio waves back in the day and many of the comments share examples of this.

Just because you are uneducated on the subject doesn't mean it's not reality. My comments on radio waves and radio broadcasts is based in sound science I learned in school and while working in radio. It's kind of common knowledge for me but I don't have the facts still floating in my head to share, so I used one solid example from history.

So instead of admitting you were the only one speculating and I was instead spouting what is and what could be, you focused on one aspect of my point and are again wrong.

I can spend some time googling and find a better example if this doesn't suffice but I think it should. My assertions about radio are sound, while your BS comment about "flying fart-powered cars aren't possible" just show your lack of education on the subject.

The radio thing is a non point as it is possible, even with out vault-tec technology. It's possible now without interference and under the right conditions.

Why not educate yourself a bit before coming off like a know-it-all who doesn't know anything.

Again, here's a good discussion on the subject but if this isn't good enough for you. I can google more info for you to wrap your head around.

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