Forex scammer

Do not invest in any trading platform, there is nothing such as get rich quick it always doesn’t end well.I was also a victim to this kind of scam! the Asian girl I met on got me really deep in their shit and all I can say is these scammers are good at what .I was allowed to withdraw a little amount which I believed was to build my trust …. they sucked me dry and never got my capital after all was said and done..I lost a ton of asset, when I reported to local authorities I was told since crypto is untraceable, there is nothing they can do about it.couldn’t get any help from them until I contracted the service of a professional ethical hacker..he hacked into the ETH wallet address I made payment to and recoup my stolen crypto......showed me the transaction history of these scammers I was in shock.if you are looking to retrieve your crypto send contact him Instagram @SMIFE_TECH or what's app ‪+1 (917) 437‑3487‬

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