Forust guitar in action

That's cool that you can make a guitar.

It would be even cooler if you made a profit.

Had chatGPT write us an appropriate poem.

The 3D printing Blues...

I thought I'd make a quick buck,

With a 3D printin' stock, what luck!

But now I'm stuck with nothin' but gloom,

'Cause the CEO spent more time on Twitter than in the boardroom.

Promising the world but delivering a pile of goo.

I should have known better,

But I was blinded by greed,

Now I'm left holding the bag,

Of a stock that's as worthless as a 3D printed weed.

So heed my tale and learn from my mistake,

When it comes to stocks, don't be an easy mark to take,

Research well and don't be swayed,

By CEOs who spend more time tweeting than working on the trade.

Enjoy ladies...

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