This game really needs to balance the spawn rates of Pokemon better.

1) Machamp can be evolved from Machop. Go to a Machop nest when it becomes available after a migration

2) Charizard. Go to Mt Faber now. It's a Charmander nest.

3) Lapras. Wait at MBS after the Japan Lapras Tourism event is over.

4) Raichu. Go to the Pikachu nest at Kent Ridge Park.

5) Ninetails. Go to wherever the Vulpix nest is now.

What do you want? Niantic to serve up the evolved forms of all the Pokemon at your doorstep?

Not saying it should be super easy

Immediately after that "disclaimer" you ramble on and on about hoping to see all the evolved forms appear in your typical route home. Pokemon Go expects you to go explores places you don't usually visit. Not serve you everything on your usual travelling routes. As it is, all the migrations and spawn point changes have made things quite available to everyone. The last migration, I was able to catch plenty of Pikachu at Orchard Road because they put 2-4 Pikachu spawn points at Somerset Station, and they spawned every few hours.

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