Here are all the comments from the Wikileaks poster on 8chan confirming that Assange was taken and Wikileaks is compromised. SPREAD THIS

While I find the at odds nature of the milintel complex vs the cia compelling and it has plenty of historic evidence, the nature of the corruption structure indicates the NSA was corrupted by the old order CIA from the top down and therefore is not being run by technocratic-transhumanists, as can be seen by actions since 2000 or so and William Binney and Thomas Drake.

I hope I'm wrong because that would be part of the NSA's mandate in defense of the constitution, but that being said, I am highly skeptical given their track record, and origins ((star chamber) the USUK 47 agreement which enabled the five eyes echelon loopholes in the first place...)

So either this person is lying which seems off putting, or they might be telling the truth because to someone who doesnt understand that power structure might be convinced by an uptick in anti-cia nsa action.... I think for this reason the person seems genuine but slightly ill-informed.

Don't forget the CIA (OSS)had it's origins on wall street under international lawyers who have had many loyalties back to london or to the vatican.

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