Gas pipelines? Like plural gas pipelines?

One last word, your map is very informative. I really see the webbing in better form than I did before.

Scandinavia? China?

Marketing strategy?

New uses for CNG?

Just make deals where everyone wins and you unload NG like it was going out of style. Besides your deep water exploration is damn good you’ll always find more NG, I bet.

I’m just imagining solutions, but again, I am not an expert on this field. Not at all.

I just get a headache when I here about protests over NG pipelines in international waters, by... my nation.

It’s hard to keep myself contained on this stupidity.

The numerous moments of attitude against Russia really gets to me. People think because Reagan said tear down this wall that he really thought Russia ran East Germany.

East Germany ran East Germany, and if you ever watched the East Germany female swim team from back then... well... one American broadcaster said during the olympics about a East Germany swimmer “I think she forgot to shave this morning,”

Still laugh decades later at that one.

I just think the disruption over NG sales is over our interests that are far from “free trade” and I do say for a certainty that oil-gas commodity prices have been manipulated a lot. This isn’t unknown information and I just think pushback on the uses of NG could probably break any banker manipulation

If world goes, OH MY GOD CHINA IS BUYING ALL THE NG. Natural gas prices will rise, because well a lot of people are racist towards East Asia, and theyll move money to buy long on the NG price.

Market the shit out of snobs who want cheap energy and low carbon emission,

Make NG like caviar. I have had a sampling of caviar, and it’s good...but Roe?

wow the marketing thaf went into getting people pay $16,000 for 1KG of masses eggs from ovaries of nasty fish from Caspian Sea, if you can sell that delicacy, you can sell NG for a premium I’m sure.

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