You guys think Tracy really raped some girl?

Yes he really did I am the one and no it’s not to fuckin deflect it’s cuz they were talking mad fuck shit behind my back about me and my gang so We made an original diss on future crystals completely unrelated to the Tracy shit amd then the next day we find out my friend got invited over to Tracy’s the night before and then he at some point slipped something into her drink then next thing she knew she woke up the next morning naked with blood in her pussy next to Tracy and so she immediately got up when left went to the er and had a rape kit test or whatever done. She went to the police and then provided the dna lab evidence. guys I’m the only person she knows who could get her real exposure on this, I made that post about my old false allegations so that people wouldn’t try and say I’m a rapist there for- my argument being invalid. And then I was high and bored so I made a Tracy diss for raping my friend and being a hypocrite cuz lil kawaii stay talkin behind my back bout false allegations

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