Guys Tromp said it its finalaized

Ok so my theory is that no one is getting the best head, rather, they are in different stages. Now, one my assume that, who ever reaches completion first (judging by the current stage depicted,) would be getting the best head. But alas, that is not the case. Good head does not depend on cumming quickly. If done right, the toppy will be just as good as before the sloppy.

Now, for my analysis.

Alvin is in the beginning stages, enjoying the bliss that is some quality dome. He is in utter shock, not expecting such feelings to be felt through his cock, which has since only felt the grasp of his soft, chipmunk hands

I won't put it lightly. Simon is cumming. Hard. Soaking up the pure euphoria of dopamine hitting his brain and nut hitting the back of her throat, he pays attention to nothing other than the moment, hence why his eyes are shut and his head is tilted back. He is living in this short moment - the male orgasm

Lastly, we have Theodore. Oh Ted... this is a tricky one. There are two possibilities:

  1. ⁠She slurped on his chipmunk penis just right, and as a result, made him shudder flinch due to the overwhelming and unexpected, yet wonderful, sensation.
  2. ⁠He nutted and she kept suckin. A rookie offense. Make no mistake, a lil sum'n after the cummin can be the cherry on top after some solid succ, but too much can be a crucial error. You see, the peen is extremely sensative after emptying ones balls, and it is difficult to tell if our rodent friend, theodore, is expressing Credit: u/FatAndGayRetard
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