hachu on sliker scamming her..

A long while ago there was this one e-girl I was close with for years who kept leading me on and I was too blind to notice she was just keeping in touch with me to get what she wanted without outright saying "no" to any mentions of relationship commitment, but also confessing feelings to me while saying "she's not ready yet".

She would ask me to buy her some new game releases and some other stuff, because she did not have money and she promised she would give it all back to me the next months (which she never did, but I was understanding, as she was supposedly "looking for a job"). I then joined our online friends discord while she was offline, only to find her to message from a few hours ago with a screenshot of payment confirmation for a $200 anime figurine. Once she logged on and noticed that I joined, she instantly went back and deleted the message hoping I have not seen it, but then I sent her a screenshot of it. She had some dumb excuses, but long story short from that point onwards I never trusted her with anything again.

At that time I was just guy who had just gotten out of school, got my first 3/4 minimum wage job, so helping her out was a big hit on me, while I was earning about $350 a month and one new game is $60, but she was very passionate about her favorite game series and I hated to see her upset. Oh well - that taught me a huge lesson, at least.

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