Have you had your coffee yet? - Weekly Complaint and Compliment Thread

It's a math problem that Funko would have to contemplate. Similar to how an Insurance company calculates risk/rates. I'm not sure they have anyone working for them that could figure out the gain/loss. Funko releases AT LEAST 50 Shop exclusives each year. That's less than one a week; Honestly, they released at least 6 each month this year. (6 a month x 12 is 72)

Then Funko has to figure in actual cost to them of shipping. Let's say UPS/USPS charges Funko $4.50 for each box shipped. Add on $0.30 for each Funko branded box that a Pop is packaged in. Add another $0.08 for each box that contains 1 piece of bubble wrap. Now...how much does it cost Funko to pay the employees to wrap, pack, and label each and every Pop they send out?

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