As he walked into the strange house, he thought the three statues looked a bit TOO realistic.

The sixth person walks in and sees four statues still.

"Hey, where is my buddy Tom! that transport statues for 'HYPER REALISTIC STATUES INC', where I also work but am off today!"

"Sorry, there was a fourth one they asked for at the last minute! haha. I even had to call Bob to help me finishing setting it up."

"Hey you must be kom! I'm bob! I also work at HYPER REALISTIC STATUES INC"

"Do you ever think it's weird that this place just delivers really realistic statues to abandoned houses? And only hires employees with three letters and an o must be the second one. I mean, I haven't even ever seen a transaction. I've never even seen our manager. Is this sustainable as a business model? Don't you think that's strange??"

"You're name is Kom, you really have no right to debate the merits of anything being strange!"

"He's got a point Kom!"


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