What was the cruelest punishment you ever got growing up?

This is a bit hard to type. I imagine it’ll be hard for some to read.

My parents didn’t like me talking too much. I had to stand with my nose against the fridge with a pen in my mouth while family watched tv That one wasn’t fun but not too bad Next would be spankings Once when I was still a toddler I stepped on a drinking glass. Cut my foot I was instantly spanked for running and getting blood on floor But My dads favourite punishment was, on our hobby farm, forcing us to kill our pets Then He’d dig a grave Make me lay in it, place dead pet on me, start shovelling dirt on me Usually he did this if was getting to be too much for my mom.
He’d just tell her I fell if she asked why I was dirty. She asked once. I won’t go on, but those were the parents favs Oh. Well there’s also how my dad liked to discourage me from getting fat by calling me a little piggy when I ate. If I didn’t stop he’d add pig noise s “Is little piggy gonna eat that!?” I stayed slim. Thank goodness!

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